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Drinker Systems

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Our Drinker systems can be used for any large in any large shed system. Our drinker system has been tested on over a million pheasants and partridges over ten years. With a low pressure system fed from a header tank, and each ten foot nipple bar having 20 button nipples each. The system is capable of providing from chicks to release. Price £375+VAT


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Description :

Game Bird Engineering nipple brooder hut drinking system for 2000 bird large sheds.

It can be used in any large shed system.

System tried and tested on a million pheasants and partridges over ten years.

Low pressure system fed from your header tank.

Features four ten foot nipple bars with 20 button nipples each.

Provides all water needed from day old to release.

Button nipples provide visual water and less dripping.

Visible water indicator and air release valve.

All fittings included to connect to 8mm pipe. Non leak fittings that don’t come off.

No indoor tanks for water to heat up.

No fiddly small ball valves to block up.

Easy height adjusters included.

Easy to flush through with end tap.

High pressure also available for use with mains and dosers.

Set up and use advice from someone who’s used it on game birds.

Price £455+VAT