Partridge & Pheasant Brooder Huts


Partridge & Pheasant Brooder Huts

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We manufacture the best pheasant and partridge brooder huts available. We have reared over a million pheasants and have used all our experience to develop not just a brooder hut, but a game rearing system.Our brooder huts will last 25 years.

The system is well tried and tested and we’ve reared over 80,000 birds in these units and we have customers who rear pheasants and partridges in them.


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Description :

The only TRIED and TESTED metal shed rearing system available.


Six Foot High Maxi sheds NOW AVAILABLE

Our design is a double insulated rearing unit, 7.5m by 3.75m, with a central divider. Made from 40mm box steel hot dipped galvanised with plastic steel sheets inside and out with eps insulation in between. The roof is a white box profile lining sheet, eps insulation then a .7mm box profile roof sheet. These is joined on either end to a 12.5 feet by 12.5 shelter pen, clad in plastic and with a box profile roof. All units have integrated lifting points to move them, and the brooder unit only weighs 1050 kg for the 1500mm high version

Minimum 25 year life span.
Telehandler portable with built in lift points reducing set up times.
Front doors for easy feeding, checking and bedding.
Four compartments, two brooder and two shelter, per unit, make for easy handling of birds for bitting and catching.
Completely weather proof. No rain can get in and no condensation forms.
Bedding remains dry. Less is needed and the whole environment is healthier reducing bacteria and coccidiosis.
Impervious hot dipped galvanised steel frame and plastic coated steel sheets so easy to clean and very hygienic.
Plastic boards for windows and pop holes. Impervious and long lasting.
Big gas savings. Our specially designed brooders as little as 2 bottles of gas for 2000 birds.
Specially designed gas brooders available requiring no manual temperature control of brooder or ventilation whatever the external temperature.
Constant temperature so less stress for game birds and the game farmer.
Hardier birds that finish faster.
Better feed to weight conversion.
Four foot wide doors for easy access. Steel lockable bolts.
After testing we are now offering them for sale. They are quite simply the best value for money shed available.
They are quite simply the best value for money shed available.

We now have two versions. The midi version is 5 foot high the maxi is 6 foot high.


Midi system 1580mm high. £ 4695 for double brooder and double shelter for 2000 birds.

Maxi system 1800mm high £4995 for double brooder and double night shelter. As good as the original but now six foot high.

Dedicated brooder heating system with regulators and changeover £ 695. This is specifically designed for these brooder huts and heats a double unit.
Add in the time savings available having a system that’s built around the birds and the farmer and its easy to see why ours is the best.