• Crate and pen section pallets

    We make our pallets from galvanised steel which transport poultry crates as well as our pen sections.

  • Drinker Systems

    Our Drinker systems can be used for any large in any large shed system. Our drinker system has been tested on over a million pheasants and partridges over ten years. With a low pressure system fed from a header tank, and each ten foot nipple bar having 20 button nipples each. The system is capable of providing from chicks to release. Price £375+VAT

  • Gas Brooders

    We supply Maywick Gas Brooders, which are capable of keeping the entire brooding hut at a constant temperature for your birds. We've install many of these systems and can advise you on the right heating system to install.

  • Partridge & Pheasant Brooder Huts

    We manufacture the best pheasant and partridge brooder huts available. We have reared over a million pheasants and have used all our experience to develop not just a brooder hut, but a game rearing system.Our brooder huts will last 25 years.

    The system is well tried and tested and we’ve reared over 80,000 birds in these units and we have customers who rear pheasants and partridges in them.

  • Pen Sections

    We produce a large range of wooden pen and panel sections for most kinds of poultry. We make them in our shop and they ensured a long life as we use pressure treated timber as well as hot dipped galvanised wire, as well as using galvanised pneumatically driven ring shank nails. Prices are £26 for plain and £37 for gated + VAT and delivery.

  • Rearing Pen Netting

    We are able to supply nets in a range of sizes which are made to order, nets are perfect for pheasant, partridge, or other poultry

  • Shooting and Beater Trailers

    We manufacture beaters and gun trailers to carry people in safety and comfort. As with everything we do its built to do the job at a sensible price.Version pictured is £6000+VAT including the brand new Ifor Williams flatbed. For a video go to our you tube page–8e-U