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We are the manufacturers of the best partridge and pheasant rearing equipment. We make insulated pheasant and partridge brooder sheds from galvanised steel frames and plastic coated steel sheets. We also supply heating systems, nipple drinking systems and pen sections. You can browse a selection of our best selling products on our website, but we do not accept online orders. Please contact us if you are interested so we can discuss your requirements.

Quality Guaranteed

We make the best Partridge & Pheasant brooder huts available

Our aim is to produce the best possible rearing system for the lowest cost in terms of initial outlay and ongoing maintenance. Our brooder huts will last 25 years. All of our products have been extensively tried and tested on our own game farm. As well as partridge and pheasant brooder huts, we also manufacture pen sections, game bird drinker systems and game bird transport systems.

Our brooder huts are galvanised as standard and steel sheets are plastisol coated. These products will last 25 years. All our products have been tried and tested on pheasants and partridges. Built to a standard not a price.

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